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Елена Афанасьева

Родилась 24 июля в Ростове-на-Дону.

Закончила Ростовский Государственный университет, получив сразу две специальности – журналиста и переводчика.

В 1991 году была признана лучшим парламентским корреспондентом России.

С 1994 по 2002 год работала в «Новой газете» парламентский корреспондентом, редактором отдела политики и СМИ.

Писала еженедельные обзоры о телевидении, делала интервью с руководителями телеканалов и лидерами индустрии, редактировала выпуск приложения «ТелеРевизор».

С 2002 по 2004 год работала медиаобозревателем журнала «Политбюро».

С мая 2004 года ведет еженедельную программу о телевидении «Телехранитель» на радио «Эхо Москвы» (http://www.echo.msk.ru/programs/tv) в прямом эфире каждое воскресенье в 18.10. Гостями программы за это время были все руководители крупнейших телеканалов и производящих компаний, эксперты, медиааналитики, ведущие и авторы наиболее популярных телепрограмм.

В январе 2004 выпустила в свет роман «Ne-bud-duroi.ru», на последней обложке книги издатель Игорь Захаров поместил высказывание Бориса Акунина, что «за псевдонимом Елена Афанасьева скрывается Артуро Перес-Реверте, который сделал операцию по изменению пола, в совершенстве освоил русский язык и наконец-то научился писать поэнергичнее». За минувшее время написала еще два романа – «Знак змеи» и «Колодец в небо»,   и вынуждена  была смириться с намертво приклеившимися ярлыками «русский Перес-Реверте» и «Акунин в  юбке».

Работает на Первом канале Директором Дирекции креативного планирования. Главный хэдхантер и рекрутер Первого канала. В руководстве канала отвечает за поиск новых идей и творческих людей для их реализации, курирует работу сайта http://www.1tv.ru/  и другие интернет-проекты Первого, организует издание брошюр и книг по материалам наиболее популярных программ, фильмов и сериалов Первого канала.

В апреле 2007 года избрана академиком Академии Российского телевидения.

Мама двоих детей - дочери Александры и сына Ивана.



All the novels of Elena Afanasyeva (published by Zakharov) have detective plots and a lot of historical lines. The main characters are as fictional as real historical persons from Fernan Magelan and bloody shah Nadir to Russian writers Goncharov, Tolstoy, Turgenev and Ostrovskiy. In parallel with historical events the breathtaking action takes place in contemporary life: centre of Moscow during the day of football disorders («Don’t –be-fool.ru»), the airport when the Russian oligarch is arrested («The sign of a snake»), the fire of Manege on the president elections’ day («Well to heaven»). And only after all these difficult plotlines and detective games, Afanasyeva uses some of episodes of recent soviet and modern Russian political life. So, one of the plotlines of the novel «Don’t-be-fool.ru» was suggested by the famous journalist-orientalist, Vsevolod Ovchinnikov. He told Elena about a romance between Filipino dictator’s wife Imelda Marcos and one of the soviet deputy ministers of foreign affairs. After publishing «The sign of a snake» several high-ranking clerks and famous politicians recognized themselves at once in the character of a novel - capitalistic minister Volkov with indicative nick name Volchara.

In all three novels of Elena Afanasyeva the story goes from photographer Genya Gukova, everybody knows her as GG. In «Don’t-be-fool.ru» there is only one main character, GG, but in the second book «The sign of a snake» we can see two stories and two main characters. The second one and «alter ego» of Elena Afanasyeva is fashionable designer Lika Ahvelidi.

 In the third novel «Well to heaven» appears a new character, a young lady Irina Tenisheva. In 1928 she was kicked out from the university, was fired from work in proletarian publishing house «ZiF», was deprived of her voting rights. Besides these disasters, Irina became a witness of a blond hair beauty’s death who she argued with an hour ago in the shop because of the antique cameo. Irina got this cameo, but in her communal flat (where lived a lot of people) somebody begins to murder… 

The tracks of this antique cameo are on another pages of the novel «Well to heaven» - in Rome of 117th, in Italy of Borgia, in dormitory of empress Catherine the Great, in the villa of her ex-favourite Alexander Dmitriev-Mamonov and his unhappy son Mathvey who became the first Russian prisoner of conscience in 1825 (Mathvey was declared as irresponsible only because of political reasons)



The author says that while writing her third book she learned a lot of 20th and was shocked – it was so similar to what happens with us and with our country today. Elena Afanasyeva creates difficult in composition and clear texts, but they are also touching and sentimental. Her language is smooth and funny to be read «at one breath».




 About two years ago after publishing first novels «Don’t-be-fool.ru» and « The sign of a snake» book reviewers already called Elena Afanasyeva «Akunin in the skirt»  and  «Russian Peres-Reverte». The reason for these comparisons gave the author of intellectual detectives Boris Akunin himself. He discovered a new writer saying that he «guessed who was under the pseudonym Elena Afanasyeva»: «It’s Arthuro Peres - Reverte who learned Russian very well and finally learned how to write more energetically». «We’ve got a lot of common with Afanasyeva – said Boris Akunin at the presentation of the novel «Well to heaven» - First of all, our publisher Zakharov, secondly – our genre, style of writing. There was a period when I often gave interviews and if a saw a smart reporter I started to convince him to give up journalism and begin to write detective novels. Elena was one of these reporters and the only one who took to heart my advice. She began to write detective novels and worked out very well».

In 2004 a famous journalist (for a long time Afanasyeva worked as a political observer, an editor of political department of newspaper «Novaya gazeta», she was also a media-analyst in «Politbureau» magazine, now Elena is a Chief of Creating Planning TV Channel One, an author and a host of a radio program «Telekhranitel» on a famous radio «Echo of Moscow» ) wrote her first novel «Don’t –be-fool.ru». It turned out to be a real novel with detective plot and a lot of historical lines.



Elena Afanasyeva, Moscow resident

Published books: «Don’t-be-fool.ru», « The sign of a snake», «Well to heaven»

Elena Afanasyeva is Chief of Creating Planning TV Channel One, author and host of radio program «Telekhranitel» dedicated to modern television on the radio «Echo of Moscow».